Experience these simple truths illustrated and learn
how trust and faith in God can lead to a fulfilled, abundant, and victorious life.


An illustrated guide that takes readers through the steps and understanding needed to trust Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior and God. The book and video show how, when Jesus died on the cross, we died as well. Both the book and video feature scripture references throughout, with full Bible text of all scripture expanded in reference section.

Experience these simple truths and learn how trust and faith in God can lead to a fulfilled, abundant, and victorious life. The book and video provide a pathway and guide to peace with God as well as a means of understanding the salvation experience.

David Howell, the writer of the book and executive producer of this video, is a born again child of God. The book and video reflect the essence of the experience, strength and hope that was given to him by Jesus Christ after many years of living a life of self-centeredness and self-absorption. Through the illustrations, animation, verses and narration, the video and the book show how trust and understanding of Jesus Christ and the salvation experience can lead to victorious, abundant living and peace with God on this earth.

Executive Producer and Writer: David Howell      |    Designer: John Magee
Video editing, motion graphics, and post production: Mitch Robbins Video and Post Production
Narration: BP Smyth     |    Illustrations: Randy Rogers

LEARN MOREHow to be a Child of God is also available in booklet and DVD
format and can be purchased in bulk for ministry.


featured on The 700 Club

September, 2017.

Our founder David Howell was featured in a 700 Club video & news article titled "From Crude Oil and Crude Living to Prison Evangelist." We invite you to read the article and watch the featured video by Clicking HERE.

Fully Alive and Finally Free

Your Identity In Christ

Illustrated throughout showing how a believer living a defeated life can come to the realization of knowing the Living God lives within him begin the road toward toward victory in this life on earth. The second half of the book contains a 31 day devotional that reiterates the narrative part in scriptures and illustrations.

Seeking God through Prayer and Meditation

How to Pray-How to Meditate

An illustrated handbook for learning basic elements of prayer and meditation. This how to guide give basic instruction for Christian believers to master the concepts of these means of communication with our heavenly Father. Hundreds of scripture references expanded and enhanced by vivid and thought provoking original pictures by Houston artist Randy Rogers.

“David Howell is to be commended for producing a tract that goes beyond what one usually expects in a tract! The gospel is clearly presented, illustrated, and with an eye toward discipleship as well. I predict lots of people will take up and read, and may they come to Christ as Savior and Lord!”
David L. Allen, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Theology
and Professor of Preaching
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas